Our Customers are Soaring to New Heights with Jet Renewal Kit™

“I love Jet Renewal Kit. I first used it on a short flight from San Jose to Phoenix. I arrived fresh and ready for the visit. I forgot to use it on the way back and boy did I feel the difference. Now I never fly without Jet Renewal Kit and you shouldn’t either!”

 Pamala M.

“The jet renewal kit was amazing. Going across the United States, on two separate flights, the kit made me feel energized throughout the whole way. I can totally see this product being a lifesaver for pros who have to travel everywhere for road games.”

Jack C., College Student

“Jet Renewal Kit helps boost my immune system while traveling. This support is extremely important as we travel to so many places and are confined to the inside of an aircraft. As a flight attendant, we experience so many different changes to our body such as jet lag and lethargy. I am so happy that we now have a supplement that will help aviation professionals all over the world stay healthy, every day!”

Dominic B., Flight Attendant

“I’ve been using the Jet Renewal Kit for flights that cross many miles and time zones. First, the kit is easy to use. Second, I find that I feel better which makes me more productive once I’m off the plane.”

Pam M., Senior Global Pharmaceutical Leader

“Following the simple steps of the Jet Renewal Kit made me aware of how these little decisions to take in the nutrition can make a big difference in my jet lag.”

Craig G., CEO of U.S.-based company

“I have tried multiple jet lag tricks and supplements, by far the Jet Renewal Kit was the best in terms of ease in taking it and had the most science behind supporting my body during travel. I’d use it again in a heartbeat.”

Paula D., SVP Network Engineer

“I travel overseas frequently and the relentless jet lag hinders my sleep schedule and rhythm. When this happens, I usually lose 3+ days on both ends of a trip. After taking Jet Renewal Kit for the first time, I saw an immediate and significant reduction in jet lag symptoms and the ability to better adjust to the local schedule. It allowed me to arrive refreshed and ready for work. So glad to have found this!”

Christine F., Worldwide Sales & Program Management, Airbnb

“I used the Jet Renewal Kit on my coast-to-coast trip and woke up fresh and ready to start my day. The three hour time change seemed to have little impact and I felt energized for my busy schedule.”

Diane F., Co-founder and CEO, ReBoot Accel

“It definitely made a difference. We traveled across nine times zones and were able to hit the ground running.  We slept well from the first night, which really had an impact on the entire trip. We also felt as though we had never left our own time zone. Jet Renewal Kit is a must have when traveling internationally.”

Sean & Debbie R., + Family 

“It is hard enough to arrive fully prepared and energized for business meetings, especially when you are in a leadership position. The last time I flew the 9+ hour flight to our annual meeting, I really got hit hard with jet lag and felt very fatigued. I was blown away when I took Jet Renewal Kit for this year’s meeting. What a major difference! I won’t fly without Jet Renewal Kit anymore. What peace of mind knowing my body is supported for my well-being.”

Debbie A., Business Executive and Doula

“As a long-time PGA Tour caddie that travels at least 30 weeks per year, both domestic and internationally, the Jet Renewal Kit has been very helpful for me. Where I used to feel sluggish upon arriving to my destination, I now have the energy to go straight to the golf course from the airport to get my work done.”

Michael H., PGA Caddie